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Knockcree is an ancient mythical creature, who has been around since the beginning of time, is an expert in electrical logic and creating prefabs. To summon this mythical creature, just crack open a Guinness and knockcree will grant you three wishes.

Robbie was born inside the first ever server wires ever used, he is what we call a “Server God”, is beyond a master at anything server, security, business, and runescape related. To summon robbie, just say out load, how much you absolutely love…Oatmeal.

Cobalt was born from the first spark of light. Is unmatched in creativity, imagination, and ambition. He is the meme expert and Wikipedia of any known fetish. To summon Cobalt, dump 100 diamond blocks beyond the bedrock of Minecraft.

Bran created the Gods in his image. Zeus has the power to create unbelievable lands of beauty and awe, then Poseidon will wash it all away with a quick sweep of his trident. When calling on Bran be careful as like Hermes he can see through the forked tongue of many mortals.

Operation Orion
Ted Pommes
Brannigan's Ally
Map Testing