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Sold By: Knockcree


This is an arena style prefab based on Halo 2’s Lockout map.

Prefab Count: 4077

Great nostalgia for any Halo fan.
I wanted to re-create this for rust to try and bring both worlds together. I did this Arena as a challenge for
myself, I learned a tremendous amount while putting this together. Was frustrating at times but the end result was better than expected.

This includes:
1. Prefab and Prefab Modifiers

ATTENTION: To place and move Arena where you need it inside RustEdit, please follow these instructions carefully.

1. Update RustEdit.
2. Place the prefabs in your “custom prefabs” folder.
3. In RustEdit, load your own map, create a new map, or use the map provided.
4. Bring up your Scene Hierarchy – View > Scene Hierarchy. or Press H.
5. Click on Prefab List on the top right.
6. Under custom select “FS-HDRP-Lockout-v-2-0”.
7. Once placed and loaded, BEFORE moving it, break the prefab.
8. Immediately after breaking the prefab, in your scene hierarchy
a. click on “All”
b. at the bottom click Select All
9. Once everything has been selected click on “Disconnect Prefabs”.
10. If done correctly you are now free to move the arena anywhere you want without it breaking.

ATTENTION: Protecting your map and your prefabs.

11. Once placed in your map use the prefab list, at the bottom Click Create custom Prefab.
a. Radius: 275
b. Fade: 10
c. check all boxes
d. In each drop-down select “Everything”
e. Make sure “Convert Selection To Group” IS CHECKED.
d. Enter a new name for the prefab itself.
f. Then click on Save Prefab.

After this is all done, click “Edit” at the top left. Select “Password”
Set a new password for your map and do not share it with anyone.
Do not forget your password or you wont be able to edit your map.

This prevents people from downloading your map and taking free prefabs from it.
Repeat step 11. for your entire map, to protect everything on your map.

If players complain about lag while playing in this arena, Try to distance the arena itself from any other major occupied areas in your map. Works best as a stand-alone.

A lot of players don’t have beefy computers, and this arena does have a lot of Lights. You can remove all the lights from the arena to help improve fps.
a. Scene Hierarchy
b. Search “Plight” or “Spotlight”
c. Select all and then delete the prefabs by pressing your “Delete” key. (make sure your mouse isn’t over any of the RustEdit UI’s.
This will delete all the lights used.

If you have any issues, please post in the support section of this download.


Permission is granted for personal editing/modification, for use on servers owned by you, the customer.

Permission is not granted for commercial use, distribution/sharing,  or re-sale.


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