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Discover Keanland – a unique 6K custom map! Tons of details, beautiful scenery, miles of endless roads and deep forests.

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Discover Keanland – a unique 6K custom map! Tons of details, beautiful scenery, miles of endless roads and deep forests. This map has everything that Rust offers and more in terms of transportation. Comes with 2 version of the map: Keanland and Keanland ED. The ED version is editable but comes without custom prefabs or custom monument (beside the Uncharted Valley).

Modular Vehicles
_ All gas stations have a car lift allowing players to customize their vehicles
_ Pristine engine parts can be bought from vending machines at any gas station.

Underground Trains
An underground train system connects all important areas of the map.

Above Ground Trains [Optional Plugin – Work Cart Spawner] Link
The above ground train system offers a relaxing and beautiful ride into the south of Keanland is a multi-faceted map. Thoughtful details like custom monuments, prefabs and unique towns, makes this map versatile. It has many occupied and abandoned areas to visit, treasures to collect and beautiful places to relax.

⌬ Jefferson
This is a small beach town and spawn point. This town is a stop on above and underground train routes. Players can buy clothing, practice their parkour skills, collect food at the supermarket and find loot all around town. At gas stations, players can buy fuel and engine parts for their vehicles.

⌬ North Harbor
On the west side of the harbor, there is a locked office. All doors are locked by card readers leading to a room with plenty of loot. Players will only need to have the right key cards.

⌬ Greene Farm
Hunt around the grounds for loot and explore the grounds.  Players can find plenty of hidden crates scattered inside the farm buildings.

⌬ Hilltown
This is a quaint small town located near North Harbor.

⌬ Van Horn
If players go to Devil’s Island they won’t want to miss this charming small fishing town. There is a hangar in the northern outskirts of the village with a locked door. If players solve the puzzle, they will have access to a locked crate with a hanging dingy to use for cover.
_ Puzzle Requires: x1 Fuse and x1 Green Key Card.

⌬ Cargo Ship Wreck
Near the lighthouse, a cargo ship lays on the seabed. This ship was carrying containers from Cobalt HQ to Keanland but sank before reaching port. Plenty of containers with their precious loot are scattered all around the shipwreck. Some of those containers are open and still contain some loot. Inside the cargo ship there is loot as well but players should look for the yellow opened container that contains 3 elite crates and one normal crate. This container isn’t easy to find but it is not too far from the shipwreck.

Some areas have good loot but also hostile NPCs.

⌬ Central
This huge playground has the Electric Plan, Train Yard and the Military Tunnel all connected together. A Bradley drives around the perimeter.

⌬ Military Harbor
Players will have to navigate through a long and dark tunnel from Central to reach this harbor safely. Then they will have to wipe out the scientist’s resistance to access their loot hidden in one of the containers. A Bradley drives around the perimeter there as well.

⌬ The Secret Laboratory
There is a secret underground lab with only one entrance and exit. Players will only need a Green Key Card to get inside but will have to find the other cards along the way and fight to survive. Plenty of loot is waiting for them. To access the lab, they will have to find the entrance – which will also be a little challenge itself. This entrance is located along a river in the northwest of Buck Horn Lake – look for a mine entrance underneath an old tree. Get ready to fight for the spoils.
_ Access Requires: x1 Green Key Card.

⌬ Devil’s Island
When Cobalt Corp. came to the island, miners believed that their work conditions would improve. Cobalt promised them that their miracle injections will help their respiratory problems. They got played for fools. Most of them died, others lost their minds and became thirsty for blood. Cobalt abandoned the island but the miners who “survived” remained. If players decide to visit the island, they better be ready to fight. This island also had mines to farm for hardcore players.

⌬ Uncharted Valley
Cobalt Corp. was seeking to discover the secret of regeneration. They heard about a tribe living inside an uncharted valley who were rumored to be immortal. Cobalt dispatched a group of researchers to the valley. Going through an old mine tunnel they found the valley with a few remaining structures but no sign of life… An old Cobalt base was also found on top of a tree. It seems Cobalt also built a research facility at mine entrance but it seemed like they also left in a hurry…
_ Access Requires: x1 Fuse.

There are a lot of custom prefabs on this map. Some are unique, some are also sold on my page.

⌬ Bandit Barge
The Bandit Barge is a perfect place to chill after raiding the oil rig or the container carrier. Loot is available for those who have the right key cards.
_ Puzzle Requires: x1 Fuse, x1 Blue Key Card and x1 Red Key Card.

⌬ Cobalt Train
An armored train owned by Cobalt Corp. got caught in a blizzard for days. Stuck in the snow, only the engine car got freed and went to Central to look for help leaving behind a small team of armed scientists and their precious loot secured inside the jumbo lab car.
_ Puzzle Requires: x2 Fuses and x1 Blue Key Card.

⌬ Caboose
This very old abandoned train car is home for vagabonds. There is some loot… for heartless players…

⌬ Camps, Shacks and Treehouses
Keanland is huge and getting lost in the dark at the mercy of wild animals isn’t fun. Camps and shacks are scattered around the map. These prefabs all have a different amenities. Camps offer loot and a campfire but no protection against bandits. Shacks are safer unless you are lucky enough to find a psycho inside… The best option is to find a cozy treehouses – there’s loot and are relatively safe (but there are only 3 of them on the map.)

⌬ Beach Shelters
“Life is a beach!” There are two beach shelters on the map. Those prefabs are ideal to chill around a bonfire and beautiful sceneries.

⌬ Fort Champlain
Named after a French explorer “Samuel de Champlain” this old fort gives off some colonial vibes. Those who love Red Dead Redemption will love this fort!

List of non or barely modified Rust monuments included on the map:

x1 Lighthouse
x1 Airfield
x1 Dome
x2 Gas Stations (+1 Custom made)
x1 Satellite Dish
x4 Fishing Villages
x1 Outpost
x1 Bandit Village
x1 Junkyard
x3 Mining Outposts
x1 Super Markets (+2 Custom made)
x3 Carries
x2 Harbors
x1 Large Barn
x1 Water Treatment Plan
x1 Giant Excavator

NOTE: Not all default monuments are connected to the subway. Some subway are closed. See map screenshots.

YouTube: https://youtube.com/skirow



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4b. Modifications of ED Version
This version of the map is editable. It will not receive any support and and the license from the paragraph 1 through 3 applies to this version.


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