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Iron Airships HDRP


Airship challenges for you and your players to enjoy!

Sold By: Cobalt


Hello, I have made a special product for you steampunk and fantasy lovers, I hope you enjoy my new airship monuments!

Ship Manifest
There are two ships to choose from, each one has two variants of keycard puzzle and difficulty for a total of four unique monuments to place around your map.
Large Airship:
Red and Blue key card puzzle – Easy
Red and Blue key card puzzle – Need to use Minicopter – Hard
Small Airship:
Green Keycard Puzzle – Easy
Green Keycard Puzzle – Need to use Minicopter – Hard

Prefab Count
Large Airship – 746
Small Airship – 544

For the prefab to function correctly, you will need the”Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll” extension installed on your server, more info can be found here.
Can be placed anywhere on a map, just paste and play.

Special Thanks


Permission is granted for personal editing/modification, for use on servers owned by you, the customer.

Permission is not granted for commercial use, distribution/sharing,  or re-sale.


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