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What Services do you offer?

Here at KBEdits we offer a range of services related to RUST. If you are looking for a custom themed Monument, Lobby, Arena, IO Puzzle or Map, working with you we can create what it is you would like. If you are having issues getting your server up and running then get in touch via our discord for more help. For simple issues we do not mind helping for free but for more complicated issues we do charge a small fee.

Setting up a new server and have questions or need help with permission groups or just with plugins then come chat to us on our Discord.

Lost your Map Password ?

Most Content Creators & Server Owners password their work, sometimes they cannot access the map due to an incorrect password. Well do not worry in most cases we can work with you to recover the prefabs or the full map. Due to the amount of map/prefab theft that occurs within the Rust community we always verify that any submitted map for password retrieval is owned by the client. Contact us for more info on our discord about this service.

Will I get Help installing a product I buy from your website ?

Yes we always help our customers with the products they purchase from us and try to ensure they are up and running as fast as possible. As always this is standard after care for all our products. Please note that in some cases we may charge a small fee if the customer requires us to place the product on their map file. Contact us for more information on our Discord.

Working on existing Maps/Prefabs from other content Creators.

Often we are asked will we do touch-ups or modifications to other Content Creators Maps/Prefabs/Monuments and the answer is Yes we will. While we always advise to work with the original Content Creator to resolve any issues you may have, but in some cases this is not possible. The price of this service depends on the amount of work that is required and we always try to give an estimate of how much this is.

Can I get a Refund on a Virtual Product ?

Before buying anything from us ensure that its the product or service that you wish. Once you have downloaded the product we assume that you have the basic knowledge to either integrate or use the product as stated or the desired purpose you have in mind. We are always willing to work with our customers and ensure they have a happy experience when working with us.

Refunds will be issued at the discretion of KBEdits staff and will vary case by case.

If you have any doubts or questions about refunds before purchasing then get in touch via our Discord.